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Eliott Waters +

Jestis Deuerlein

She was in London doing the special finishes at an Anthropologie store. He was a carpenter on site. They bonded over a shared love of Depeche Mode and were married in Philadelphia in 2012.

In January, 2014 they decided to combine their talents and Done & Dusted was born. Eliott has over 20 years experience as a carpenter on both residential and commercial sites and was formerly a professional photographer in London—creating the photo identities for brands such as Puma and Boxfresh and shooting fashion editorals for The Face, I-D, The Evening Standard and Dazed and Confused.

Jestis has been creating special finishes, sets and photo backdrops since 2006. Her clients include Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, PREIT, Fluxus Philly and the Franklin Flea.